Technologies > Liquids Filtration


It is used to reduce the suspended material concentration from a liquid solution. This is possible making the treated liquid pass through a layer or filter element.

Depending on the present material type, four different physic methods may be used for the removal: Occlusion, adsorption, reduction and oxidation.

When there is a big amount of matter and particles are tiny it is used a filtrating bed.

For an efficient filtration, the material needs to permeate into the bed and not to block the surface. To obtain the desire water quality the bed materials have to be carefully selected in their granulometry and bed high.

This filtration is possible without any previous water conditioning: these are the slow and fast filtrations only to reduce its suspended matter without acting on its color or organic matter contents.

It is necessary a previous conditioning by reagents addition with or without decantation, when it is wanted the best water clarification by fast filtration.

The effective measures of the two or three bed materials of a multiple bed filter keep connection, depending on the nature and granulometry of the particles to be retain, of the filter material granulate respective volumetric mass and the washing characteristics.

This filtration may be done in two ways, up and down or down and up, always having the same thought: avoid the heterogeneous bed filters problems that stuck on the surface and has a filtration rate restriction.