Technologies > Ultraviolet Radiation

The light is an electromagnetic radiation or bright energy traveling in a wave shape. Ultraviolet energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X rays and the best way to describe it is like an invisible radiation.
The energy applied for water treatment with ultraviolet light is categorized in two primary levels as wave length 254 nm and 185 nm, where 1 nm = 1 x 10-3 microns.
The 254 nm wavelength is used for disinfection and ozone elimination applications. A unique wavelength of 180 nm is applied for TOC reduction and chlorine elimination.

A distinctive aspect of IPA ultraviolet system is the low pressure mercury lamps discharge. Lamps are manufactured by a quartz special wrapper, a material like glass, that is a differential filter. Its exclusive design allows 254 nm or 185 nm ultraviolet energy to be transferred to water current at the same time it flows through UV treatment system chamber.

Primary UV uses for water treatment are: disinfection, organic matter reduction (TOC), ozone elimination and free chlorine elimination.